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Nancy Driver
Reader, writer, addicted to Wagamama. I write about things I enjoy - Science, technology, gaming, reading, culture.
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Let’s be honest; if 2020 was a drink, it would be unsweetened tea with no ice and a few lemon seeds stewing at the bottom. While on a personal level, 2020 was a gloomy year for most of us, it was a great year for space discoveries. Here’s what leading minds in astronomy discovered last year.

The Solar System

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Ever feel like websites are constantly bugging you to update your password? And when it’s not your password, they’re asking you to give them your phone number or implement multi-factor authentication.

These practices can feel intrusive and annoying, but there’s a good reason behind them. In its simplest form, cybersecurity is a ceaseless game of cat and mouse between cyber professionals and cybercriminals. Whenever information security specialists find a new way to tighten security, hackers come along and find a way to exploit it. And that’s why, despite constant advances in technology, data breaches are happening more than ever. Last…

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If you’ve spent any time on LGBT+ Twitter, you’ve probably come across the argument that there are no decent female/female (F/F) books out there. The argument goes that there are plenty of great male/male (M/M) books on offer, and if this is what you were looking for, you’d have no trouble finding a novel that resonates with you. However, if you were looking for some sapphic stories, you’ll probably come up empty or with a fist-full of trash.

This is wrong! I’ve spent the last year purposefully seeking out F/F fiction and have compiled a list of what I consider…

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It’s Spring! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather has started to turn, the flowers are blooming, and the Sun has finally stopped being shy. But if you’re an avid horror fan like me, then all this pleasantness doesn’t stem your desire for dark, creepy, or gory stories. With that in mind, I’ve created a list of excellent horror books you should read in Spring.

Before we dive in, I first want to take a moment to explain how I curated the books on this list. My goal was to pick books with themes connected to Spring…

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The practice of egg collecting, otherwise known as ‘egging’ or the more mysterious sounding ‘oology’, is now illegal in many countries, but that hasn’t stopped some determined hobbyists, even when it results in injury or prison time.

This issue was brought to my attention when I visited a National Trust property in Derbyshire called Hardwick Hall in the Summer of 2019. It was a busy Saturday and scorching hot (by British standards, at least). I’d finished my tour of the estate and was making my way to the exit when I spotted a police officer standing by a table with…

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I don’t know about you, but I like my books to match the season I’m in. If it’s bitterly cold outside, I want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire and read a book where the characters experience the same chill, dark evenings, low sunsets, and snow as I do. I don’t want to share all the same things as the characters; we’re discussing horror books, after all. I’ll take the winter vibes without the persistent ghosts, and creepy creatures, and ax-murderers. …

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We’d all like to believe that we are highly cognizant creatures grounded in reality. We see the world for what it really is, right? Our decisions are our own, right? Well, maybe not.

The framing effect is a type of cognitive bias in which your brain arrives at a decision based on how the information is presented (framed). Put simply, the framing effect refers to alternative ways of presenting objective information in a way that changes its perception.

The framing effect has been studied extensively in the fields of psychology and behavioral economics and is of particular interest in marketing…

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Our little blue planet has experienced five mass extinction events in its history, and scientists believe we are in the middle of the sixth.

The history of life on Earth is long and not particularly well documented. We largely rely on the fossil record to give us a picture of what life once existed on Earth, however, fossilization is a rare event. Most organisms will decompose quickly after death, leaving behind no trace. The only reason we find the number of fossils we do is because life has existed on Earth for approximately 3.5 …

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We’ve been promised that if we can crack nuclear fusion, it will change our lives for the better. There are promises of abundant energy and a new sustainable future. It’s the holy grail of clean power, they say. No doubt utilizing the stuff that powers stars will be a game-changer for the human race, but how soon can we expect this massive upgrade?

You’ve probably heard that we’re right on the cusp of nuclear fusion, it’s just around the corner, and certainly no more than 20 years away! Your children will live in a world where nuclear fusion is the…

Understanding different player personalities is key to maximizing the appeal of your game design

Do you get a rush when you discover a glitch for the first time? Or what about when you finally break into that hidden area on a map? You know the place. You can see it on the map, but it’s blocked with seemingly impenetrable mountains and invisible walls? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be an explorer.

As an explorer myself, I’m always excited by what’s hidden just beneath the surface in the games I play. I can still vividly remember the first time I glitched myself under the capital city of Stormwind in World…

Nancy Driver

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